Rules, Regulations, Policies and Procedures


  • Waste: All rubbish and waste and discarded items must be removed offsite by Tenant
  • Smoking is prohibited on the premises and within the buildings or storage units.
  • Speed limit is 5 miles per hour at all times and all locations.
  • Do not block driveways or other storage units when loading and unloading vehicles.
  • The use of alcohol is prohibited on premises.
  • Use or display of firearms are prohibited on premises.
  • No children running or playing on the premises, moving vehicles are hazardous and not expecting children playing.
  • All stored vehicles must be neat, attractive, in safe condition, and in good working order and repair including any protective covering which must be securely attached on the stored vehicle.
  • Upon vacating the unit, remove all boxes and trash, sweep the unit clean and inform rental office of your move out at 509.334.7444
  • Tenants  must keep in mind that our units are neither heated nor cooled and should store items accordingly.
  • Tenant shall not penetrate the walls, ceilings, doors or floors of the unit for any reason with device of any nature whatsoever, nor shall tenant damage, remove, or modify in any manner the storage unit.

Online Reservations: Important information you need to know

  • A non-refundable reservation fee is required for all future hold reservations and are valid for a 7-day period from the time of reservation.
  • The lease agreement must start within 7-days of your reservation being made. (reservations made that exceed the 7-day period will not be honored)
  • You must contact the office within 48-hours of making the reservation to set up an appointment for signing the lease agreement for the reservation to remain valid for the 7-day period.
  • All reservations made where  the renter fails to enter into a rental agreement within the 7-day period will terminate.
  • The reservation fee is non-refundable 
  • Do not make a online reservation that exceeds 7-days after the date you make the reservation or the reservation will be terminated without refund.
  • GarageMahal Only: We do not accept reservations

Unit Sizes and Rates:

  • All rental rates are subject to change without notice, rates vary with availability, today’s current rental rates are displayed on the reservation page or available by calling our office 509.334.7444


  • Blue Sky Self Storage: Your leashed pet is welcome at the Blue sky self storage facility. Pest control measures around the facility may prove detrimental to your pets health. please remember to pick up after your pet.
  • Latah Mini Storage: No pets are allowed at the Latah Mini Storage facility
  • GarageMahal: Your leashed pet is welcome at the GarageMahal facility. Pest control measures around the facility may prove detrimental to your pets health. Please remember to pick up after your pet.

Access: Blue Sky Self-Storage

Access to the storage facility is 7 days a week from 6am –8pm Only. Any Tenant needing access either earlier or later will need obtain a 24 hour access from our office for an additional monthly fee. We strive to make your experience as convenient as possible without compromising the security of the facility.

Access: Latah Mini Storage

Access to the storage facility is 24/7. please respect the right of quite enjoyment by residents living at the apartments above the storage facility when accessing the facility.   

Access: GarageMahal -Workshops and Warehouse

Access to this  facility is 24/7. 


Rent is due on the first of the month, late charges are incurred after the 5th day of each month.

When rent or other charges remain unpaid for five (5) consecutive days, KIP Development will deny Tenant access to the storage unit and premises  and vehicles/storage spaces will be over locked as per the lease agreement and the RCW.

Security / Insurance / Locks:

Security: All storage spaces are to remain unlocked if not in use. We encourage all vehicles, trailers, outboard motors, and motor homes to be secured in a manner which would deter theft. For help on choosing an appropriate solution please contact management. We encourage boat owners to take home or rent an enclosed storage space to store items such as skis, tubes, ropes, life vests, empty coolers, wake-boards, and other misc. items that may not be secure within a boat.

Insurance: It is the Tenant’s responsibility to make sure they have their own insurance on stored property. Proof of insurance on any stored vehicle is required and it is the Tenant’s responsibility to provide current information to management during the lease term.

Blue Sky Storage: Renters Insurance to cover your stored items is available to purchase for a small additional fee. 

Latah Mini Storage: Renters Insurance is not available for your stored items. You must supply your own insurance coverage for the items to be stored.

GarageMahal: Tenant is responsible for maintaining comprehensive liability and personal property insurance coverage as defined in the lease agreement

Locks:  Renters are responsible for supplying and securing their storage unit with their own lock, we recommend hi security disc style locks.  (GarageMahal – Door keys will be provided by Landlord)

Prohibited Items: The following items may not be stored at the storage facilities:

  • Food or perishable items. 
  • Any living thing.
  • Used tires.
  • Waste or material for recycle.
  • Firearms.
  • Explosives, flammables of any kind. (gas, diesel, kerosene, oil, paint, etc.)
  • Drugs or drug paraphernalia. (from time to time we offer the police department the opportunity to train drug and bomb sniffing dogs at our facility)
  • Stolen items.
  • Hazardous items, hazardous waste material of any kind.
  • Items that produce odors of any kind.
  • Any item deemed inappropriate by the manager or staff of the facility.
  • Any item which detrimentally affects other tenants or the facility or creates a nuisance.  

Our storage facilities are designed for storage only. The following uses are not allowed: (GarageMahal: Allowed uses defined by lease agreement) 

  • Playing of any type of musical instruments.
  • Garage sales, auctions, flea market sales or other public sales.
  • Working in the unit. This includes repairs or working on cars, motorcycles, or any internal combustion engine
  • Hobbies, crafting, etc.
  • Any illegal or prohibited use of any kind.
  • Sanding or spraying of any kind.
  • Any use deemed inappropriate by the manager or staff of the facility.
  • As a place of dwelling or residence.

KIP Development is dedicated to providing a safe, secure and pleasant environment for you and your stored items. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. If there is anything that we can do to improve your experience please let us know.